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Want to Know What Makes Marketing So Exciting These Days?

Posted on March 8, 2014 1:46 pm;

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Try getting your head round these figures and then you’ll see.

Just how big is online data?

2.7 zetabytes

That’s a lot, (or 27 with 21 zeros after it if you want to be precise)


But it’s getting bigger!

50x2.7 zetabytes

The amount of data analysts predict will exist by 2020


So is online marketing the way to go? (Oops, think carefully)


Number of respondents in one UK survey who said that they would turn against a brand after being bombarded by online marketing. (The PCM can teach you how to do strike the right balance)


So should you target text or visuals in your marketing? (Are you sure?)

60,000x faster

The speed at which the brain processes visuals as opposed to text.


What about video? (You might have a point)


The amount of internet traffic in 2013 that was video content.


How important are photos? (Something to think about)

350 million

The amount of photos Facebook users upload each month, mainly from their mobile devices


And how important is Facebook anyway?


The number of times a Facebook mobile user checks their Newsfeed per day.


Or the Internet?


The amount of retail that will take place online in 2022 in the UK


What about Internet vs Tv? (Or both?)

759 million

The number of TV sets that will be connected to the Internet by 2018 (up 147% on 2013)


Want to take a bite out of more data and turn heads with your marketing strategies?

The PCM can help you with this and more. Here’s how to become one!

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