CSR | Morgan International

Corporate Social Responsibility

Because going beyond professional training means a lot

Dedicated to raising standards and reaching out to the community, Morgan International has fully embraced a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, adopting a corporate philanthropy strategy. Corporations stepping up to address real social needs and to give back to the community via investments or initiatives is a growing trend. Being a true pioneer, Morgan has joined today’s social-corporate culture, bringing with it over 15 years of experience in the field of professional education. The importance of actively engaging in CSR is undeniable. It is key to get companies and employees involved, raise awareness, create healthier communities and infuse society with enriching opportunities. And Morgan does this as part of its drive to go beyond professional training.

Placing great importance in providing opportunities and helping organizations whose general aim is the same, Morgan furthers its positive influence in as many ways as possible. This is why Morgan joined forces with LoYAC (Lothan Youth Achievement Center), a non-profit NGO. LoYAC is very much in-line with Morgan International’s core values and focus on education, making it an ideal partner. The activities Morgan is engaging in assist LoYAC with their ultimate mission to develop the youth into leaders while educating students on corporate social responsibility in the region. These activities range from events that introduce students to CSR and provide LoYAC with fundraising ideas to proper fundraising events, special professional training, scholarships, internships and sponsorships.

Get involved !

Morgan invites individuals and corporations to answer CSR’s life-altering call by assisting LoYAC in its honorable endeavors. You can do your part and make a difference by:

  • sponsoring a training program or a LoYAC event
  • giving donations
  • empowering LoYAC students with a summer internship at your organization
  • contributing towards fundraising
  • and a variety of other means or activities!

For more information on LoYAC, click here or contact us at csr@morganintl.com if you wish to help or have creative suggestions that will aid LoYAC.